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My Song of the Self

*Celebration* This is my very first Song of the Self Blog article. And I prepared something really special for you.

This piece of heart-writing was written on December 18 2021, when I was birthing the idea of Song of the Self. I allowed my soul to flow and put into *highly philosophical* words what this name "Song of the Self" means to me.

Song of the Self Quantum Frequency
Quantum Song of the Self

My path is my goal and my goal is my path. All is here and all is now. I am all that I have ever been and all that I am becoming. All of my experiences are purposefully designed to expand the understanding of the greater version of me, my eternal Soul. My eternal Soul is an aspect of the Source of all that is. The great spirit that flows through and gives life to all that is. Thus, my experiences and the experience of everyone are purposefully designed to expand the experience and understanding of All.

In this eternal experience, in this eternal dance, all is good and all is right always. When all is good and all is right always I become free of the societal chains and “the things I thought I have to do in order to …” and I can choose my path freely. When I can do everything I want to do, I want to do the things that feel best to me. The things that feel best to me are those that align with my inner being, my essence, my Soul, my Self. Everything that makes my heart shine is in alignment with my inner being. I want to become a Sun for the children of the Earth. I want to shine my light fully and freely and remind others of the light they are.

My passion is activating the magic within me and others and opening the field of perception for the beautiful magic that is all around us. I am a researcher of consciousness, a student of life. My passion is expanding and helping to expand consciousness. My passion is discovering the secrets of the mystical and mysterious. Discovering those ancient mysteries and wisdoms lead to greater understanding of how everything is connected, to greater awareness of Self and Self-Empowerment, of finding the divine powers within.

My passion is shining my inner light. I shine my inner light when I live my passion and my purpose. When I am courageous and express my unique loving beaming light fully. When I sing the song of my soul.

Just like each and every snowflake is completely unique in its crystal shape, so is each human unique in his essence. Every soul holds a unique frequency structure and its intrinsic purpose is to play the melody of exactly this frequency because no one else can. Hence, the best that I can do for this world and for all of existence is singing the melody of my soul. Is becoming the most authentic, the truest and purest expression of my soul essence, my Self.

In fact, I am convinced that nothing else is necessary for anyone, other than living one’s unique soul purpose. Envy is not necessary in a world where everyone is appreciated for who they truly are. Competition is not necessary in a world where everyone lives their unique soul purpose. Living a life aligned to the inner calling and to the Soul purpose is living an abundant life aligned with the universal flow and aligned with the soul-purpose of Mother Earth.

During a Shaman Seminar in 2018 I heard the words within myself “I am here to remind you of the light you are”. I am here to remind you of the divinity that you truly are. I am here to remind you of your unique beauty and magnificence. I am here to support you in re-membering the frequencies that intermingle in an eternal dance that make out you. So that you can step into your full power. Your power to fully create your life experience.

My fellow traveller in this eternal experience ... Let's Sing the Song of the Self with passion and courage!

With Love,


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Our own self-realization is the greatest service we can render the world.

~ Ramana Maharishi

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