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Song of the Self
Spiritual Services

Welcome to Song of the Self, beautiful soul!

Here is space for
your unique soul song. 

Victoria offers 

Shaman sessions & ceremonies

And the powerful
Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey

for attuning to the frequency of your soul and receiving unique solutions for your unique situation

You are the most amazing and magnificent masterpiece. There is nothing more glorious

than the symphony of your soul.

Sometimes life can be tough and the world around us too loud to hear the voice of our inner guidance system, the melody of our soul.

Our services support you to connect to your own essence, to find answers within yourself, to receive guidance for spiritual growth and self-healing.

Song of the Self Logo © Victoria Plank

Your unique path is a gift to the world. Your soul essence, the melody of your soul, is a gift to the world. When we come out of alignment with our soul, our soul tends to convey the message via discomfort on various layers. "Song of the Self" offers bridges to realign with your own essence, your soul, your Song of the Self .

To realize the beautiful, amazing, glorious being that you truly are.

Schamanentrommel von Victoria Plank

Releasing old energies and connecting with spirit

Shamanic Energy Session

Schmetterlinge in die Freiheit

A deep-dive into who you truly are in a 2-4 weeks guided process, including a Heart Compass ~ Trance Journey

Heart Compass

~ Soul Journey

Victoria Plank und Wolfgang Schwarz bei einem Workshop

Ceremonies, workshops and webinars


Dive deep into your primal frequency, your soul essence with the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey  by Victoria Plank. 
The Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey includes unique type of trance journey through the heart portal. At the center of this 2-4 weeks long process is a deep connection with your true self. Many things can change when you really dive into your true soul essence.

Which life corresponds to your original frequency?

Find the root cause of any challenge.

May it be in a past life, parallel life, in other dimensions and realities.

Song of the Self


Schamanisches Erntedank-Fest 2021
Sonnenaufgang in Motten - © Victoria Plank


 5.5.2024 | Waldviertel, AT


A journey to the landscapes of your soul
Your journey
to the landscapes
of your soul
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