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Song of the Self
Spiritual Services

 Attuning to the Frequency of your Soul

Powerful shamanic methods and transformative BQH - "Beyond Quantum Healing" - trance journeys support you on your spiritual ascension journey to New Earth. All answers are within. Live your true Self, your true colors. Align to your soul mission, remember your purpose, remember the sacred dream that lives in your heart.

Schamanin Victoria Plank im Waldviertel

With my heart-project

Song of the Self 

I want to give You Space to remember the song of your soul, the primary nature of who you truly are. The song that sings you into life and to sing this song proudly and courageously into the world. 

~ Victoria Plank

& BQH - "Beyond Quantum Healing"

The Song of the Self toolbox is composed of powerful methods.


You can choose between

a BQH session, a Shamanic session or workshops.

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Song of the Self supports you in living your true self, in remembering your destiny, the sacred dream that resides in your heart, and in walking your soul path with joy and self-awareness.

The best gift you can give to yourself and the world is the most authentic version of your Self.

~ Victoria Plank

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