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MY QUEST: Creating paths and building bridges to access and experience the true Self

Becoming Self-aware as a multi-level solution and my quest for finding tools that support you in experiencing the Self, in becoming Self-aware.

Enjoy another special piece of heart-writing written on January 18 2022 during my birthing process of Song of the Self.

Ceremony at the Waldviertel Stone Pyramid in April 2019

Many years ago I came to the conclusion that all the pains within me are signs that there is an aspect of me that I cannot see clearly and love fully. Somewhere in me is a place where I cannot see my greatness, my divinity.

The answer to all of my questions was Self-awareness: re-integration through self-love which leads to expanded awareness. To love myself more, to forgive myself and others, to call back all the pieces of me that I left somewhere with other people or places, to become aware of my inner being, to realise my oneness with all. To Re-Member who I am.

So, I thought to myself, when my solution for becoming whole, for healing myself on all levels, is Self-awareness, how can I help people in becoming aware of their Self? How can I build bridges from the self to the Self? How can I guide people to find out about something that one cannot be told, but one has to EXPERIENCE in order to understand?

In March 2018 I started my quest for finding answers to those questions with “la medicina”, Ayahuasca. This was when I also found out about a Shaman Academy in Austria. I was so surprised that such an academy (IACFS) exists in Austria. Learning about Shamanic cultures is a passion I have since my early childhood. Having been on my personal healing and medicine path since many years I was very excited to meet like-minded people and people who can teach me about the ancient ways. In September 2018 I could finally make a childhood dream come true and start my education in Shamanism. Or rather, my re-membering, my re-activating Shamanic codes and channels that I gathered through many lifetimes. In my opinion, nobody has found as many highly effective tools for experiencing the Self as Shamanic cultures have.

My quest took me from the oldest Shamanic methods to enter the non-ordinary worlds to the youngest one, Beyond Quantum Healing. I am one of those people who learned about QHHT, or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® via Allison Coe when we all talked about “The Event is Happening”. After my first session I was convinced that what I found was, besides Shamanism, one of the most amazing techniques to get in contact with your inner being, your soul, your higher Self. BQH allowed me to combine all my learnings and skills to guide others to their selves and through other worlds.

Many years have passed and while it was always my dream being able to live through and from offering services based on my spirit, only now all things fell into place for me to really birth this dream that lives in my heart into the world as Song of the Self.

With Love,


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Our own self-realization is the greatest service we can render the world.

~ Ramana Maharishi

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