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Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey

Let your inner sun shine brightly

* 1-2 h Heart Portal ~ Trance Journey
A journey to the most sacred space within yourself

* 2-4 weeks guided process for deep alignment, understanding and integration; incl. several personal sessions and individual exercises
* Find your unique solution for your unique situation by diving deep into yourself, your soul essence


By Victoria Plank

Dive deep into your own primal frequency, into your soul essence and let your own inner sun radiate from within and permeate all layers of your being, right down to your physical body.

In the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey you will use the compass in your own heart for guidance in your life, your hero's journey.                                         

Finding the answers to your life questions within yourself
Finding your inherent solution in challenging situations
Activating your self-healing powers with your own primal frequency

Receiving support with major transformations
Finding the visions in your heart and birthing them into the world
Living your soul mission with confidence

Recognizing who you really are at your core
Accepting yourself fully and completely
Interdimensional galactic self-experiences

Embodying your soul

Are you ready to dive deep into the center of the center of your being?

The Heart Compass ~ Trance Journey is a unique kind of trance journey in which you dive deep into your own soul essence via the center of your heart.
Embedding yourself completely in yourself, your original frequency, your true being.

There is a compass in every heart.

From the center of your center you can not only
travel deep into the inner levels of your own body, but also into all existences of your soul experience that are relevant to you and your topic. What is special about the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey is the experience of the unity of body, mind and soul.

All the answers to all the questions in your life are within you. All the wisdom of the universe is within you. I support you in finding the solutions that are right for you within yourself.

Dive deeply into your true Self
in a 4 weeks guided process

1-2 h long trance-journey through the heart portal

A safe and sacred space is created for you

Different elements of nature, spiritual excercises, sound, color and movement might be included

Free Discovery Call: 15 min. | via Zoom

The center of your heart

In the centre of your heart is the essence of your soul frequency. When you fully immerse yourself in this source of your own soul frequency, the spectrum of possibilities of what can happen from here is infinite. 

The sacred energetic space (created in a shamanic way)

This sacred space is an essential part of the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey. A sacred space is created in which YOU really have space. Your true being in its full expansion has space. There is room here for YOUR soul song. As unique and wonderful as YOUR true being is in all its greatness. 

This is so important to me because I am such being with a big energy myself. In many situations in the past, I have not been given enough space for the greatness of my true being.

It is also simply wonderful to allow your the topic of your session to unfold and transform in such a gentle and safe protected energetic space. 

What lights up the fire in your heart?

A central theme of the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey is to really find what fully corresponds to your own soul frequency. It's about what really makes you come alive. It's about what lights the fire in your heart.

To be truly YOU is to be fully alive.

Other lives and worlds, planets and existences

During your trance journey, we enter the heart portal. From this place, journeys into past, future, or parallel lives, into lives on other planets, into lives between lives, into other worlds and existences are possible if they offer a solution to your issue. My experiences and insights from classical regressions, BQH, shamanic journeys and other trance methods are all incorporated here. My Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey is a further development based on deep insights of my countless experiences with journeys into the more subtle realms of existence.

It is important to note that in the journeys I accompany, it is not the ego that decides to which places we go in the trance journey, but the soul. What you experience on your journey into yourself is tailored to what is right for you at that moment.  At the center of each of the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journeys is the deep immersion into your own soul essence through the heart.

Connecting to YOUR nature

The entire process of the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey, which extends over 4 weeks, is supported by the elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Ether. Flowers, trees, mountains, rivers ... The elements of nature are amazing healers and help to transform any issue. Connecting with nature means connecting with your own nature. YOU are nature.

The way in which nature is integrated is individually tailored.

A journey into yourself

With the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey you truly dive into your own soul landscapes. You don't need to leave your body to enter the other worlds, because the entire universe is not only outside ourselves, but also inside ourselves.

Heart-centered spirituality

Experience your session through Zoom or Skype. The Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey can be done in the most quantum of ways: using your computer or even smart phone or tablet.

Price: € 800-1200

Online Session

Herz-zentrierte Spiritualität

Experience the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey in person. Visit me in Klagenfurt / Carinthia.

Price: € 800-1200

In-person Session


Free discovery call:

Getting to know each other (Zoom: 15 - 30 min.)

Is your situation suitable for the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey?


If you choose the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey, your journey starts with a personal session via Zoom (45 - 60 min.).



Sacred Transformation:

The time until the next session is about 2 weeks. During this time, there are wonderfully gentle exercises that are individually tailored to you, which already bring about a transformation for your issue and allow you to immerse yourself in your innermost being.


Heart Compass:
3-4 h session incl. the 1-2 h Heart Compass ~ Trance Journey.

More info in the section above: "Other lives and worlds, planets and existences".
During the journey, you dive deep into the center of your being.


Reflection and integration:
Reflection and integration session via Zoom (45 - 60 min.)

Your Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey still continues: Individually tailored integration tasks arise from the insights of your trance journey; to be carried out over the next 2 weeks.

Victoria Plank:

"The Heart Compass~Soul Journey is about letting your own inner sun shine.

Live yourself.

The trance journey itself includes a deep-dive into your own soul essence and the other worlds via the heart portal. There is a treasure of pure gold within each of us. This treasure is your own soul. The Heart Compass~Soul Journey is an immersion into your own treasure chest.

It is fascinating how powerful it is to immerse yourself in your own soul essence.

The principle is simple, and yet so effective.  

In my many explorations of different types of consciousness journeys, I have never seen anyone do it this way - although it is so logical, as this is where "the GPS" for our life is and an ever-present anchor for our immortal soul. The special thing is that it really is a non-separative way of soul-journeying. Most trance-journey methods separate in some way. People get out of the body, create a separation between the aware embodied self and the "higher" self (the choice of words alone can create separation), between incarnated soul and not incarnated soul, create artificial holograms through image suggestions, separate between "upper and lower" universe (although in the same dimension), between "subconscious and superconscious", etc. I was looking for a way of pure connection with THE Self. Even the word connection equally implies non-connection. That's why in my guided trance-journeys, there is an immersion rather than a connection.


It is true: you ARE your true self. Eternally one. In this world, we often allow ourselves to be covered by something foreign for a while. This does not mean that we are not connected. But it does mean that it makes sense to fully immerse ourselves in our own frequency again and let it shine brightly from the center like a sun."

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