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Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey

A journey to the most sacred space within yourself

* 1-2 h Heart Portal ~ Trance Journey

* 2-4 weeks process for deep alignment and easy integration

* Finding your unique solutions to your life topics through a deep-dive into who you truly are

* High flexibility and free flow for alignment with your unique situation

By Victoria Plank

Dive deep into your primal frequency, your soul essence.

Do you want to connect to the core of who you truly are?

The Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey is a unique type of trance journey. At the center is a deep connection with your true self. Many things can change when you really dive into your true soul essence.


All answers to your life questions are within you. All the wisdom of the universe is within you. 

What is your soul mission? What dreams from your heart want to be born into the manifest world? Who are you really? Which life corresponds to your original frequency?

Dive deeply into your true Self
in a 2-4 weeks guided process

A 1-2 h long trance-journey through the heart portal

A safe and sacred space is created for you for 2-4 weeks

Different elements of nature, spiritual excercises, sound, color and movement might be included

The center of your heart

In the centre of your heart is the essence of your soul frequency. When you fully immerse yourself in this source of your own soul frequency, the spectrum of possibilities of what can happen from here is infinite. 

The sacred energetic space (created in a shamanic way)

This sacred space is an essential part of the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey. A sacred space is created in which YOU really have space. Your true being in its full expansion has space. There is room here for YOUR soul song. As unique and wonderful as YOUR true being is in all its greatness. 

This is so important to me because I am such being with a big energy myself. In many situations in the past, I have not been given enough space for the greatness of my true being.

It is also simply wonderful to allow your the topic of your session to unfold and transform in such a gentle and safe protected energetic space. 

What lights up the fire in your heart?

Its all about what makes you truly come alive. Its all about what lights up the fire in your heart. Being truly YOU means being completely alive.

Other lives

During your trance journey, we enter the heart portal. You can also find access to all other worlds, lives and existences here. From this place, journeys to past, future, parallel lives, lives on other planets or lives between lives are all possible if they provide a solution for your topic. Everything that you can solve in a traditional past life regression, or in a BQH or shamanic trance journey is possible here, too.

Connecting to YOUR nature

The entire session process - that goes over several weeks - is supported by the elements of nature: fire, earth, water, air, ether. The elements help to transform. Flowers, trees, mountains, rivers ... In my opinion, the elements of nature are the best healers. 

You are nature. Connecting to nature is connecting to your own true nature. 

A journey into yourself

With the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey you truly dive into your own soul landscapes. You don't need to leave your body to enter the other worlds, because the entire universe is not only outside ourselves, but also inside ourselves.


Free discovery call via Zoom (15 - 30 Min.)

Is your situation suitable for the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey?


If you decide for the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey, you will have another Zoom Call (30 - 60 Min.)

Creation of sacred space 


Min. 2 weeks until the trance journey: you will receive tasks;

Transformation will happen already


The session including the trance journey will take 2-4 hours. The trance journey itself will take 1-2 hours.

In person or online.


We will round up the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey with a final Zoom call on the next day after the trance journey (45 - 60 Min.)

Free Discovery Call: 15 min. | via Zoom

Victoria Plank 

"This is a completely new way of how I do trance journeys with my clients. It's much more than everything I know but all of my knowledge of other ways how to do trance journeys is included, such as: Shamanic journeying, BQH and much more."

Shaman and BQH practitioner Victoria Plank with drum .jpg

"This is a new way of connecting to yourself and to the other worlds.

A non-separating way.

Many trance-journeys separate in some way. I was looking for a way to no longer separate between ‘subconscious and superconscious’.

Between "Upper World and Lower World". Between incarnated soul and higher self.

All of these approaches in some way minimise the value of the embodied consciousness and create a separation. Create a separation between worlds.

My technique creates a world connection.

Separations in your own body-mind-soul system can be dissolved."

Heart-centered spirituality

Experience your session through Zoom or Skype. The Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey can be done in the most quantum of ways: using your computer or even smart phone or tablet. It has always been possible to connect across large distances, and more and more I find that clients are simply more comfortable in their own homes.

Price: € 588

Online Session

Herz-zentrierte Spiritualität

Experience the Heart Compass ~ Soul Journey in person. Visit me in Klagenfurt / Carinthia.

Price: € 588

In-person Session

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