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Hello beautiful soul, I'm glad that you are here! On this page you get some insights into my life and how my life path has led me to this moment. Enjoy! 

Victoria Plank

Midnightsun Lake Saimaa, Finland

Get to know the Founder of Song of the Self

Victoria - attune to your Song of the Soul

I support you on your Medicine Path.

I guide and support you on your way to self-awareness, self-healing and self-realization, using mainly Shamanic methods, as well as BQH. Find your missing puzzle piece within yourself. 

I'm a Builder of Bridges. 

I build bridges between supposed opposites, such as physical and subtle worlds, body and soul, science and spirituality, head brain and gut brain, male and female energy, ancient and modern knowledge ... Everything is connected. All rivers flow into the same sea.

I'm a Consciousness Explorer.

Seriously, what is more exciting than exploring consciousness? I am convinced that we live in a conscious universe. That consciousness is the fabric that the universe is built on.

Shaman Victoria Plank with drum

I'm a Creator of Sacred Spaces.

When I entered the "Sacred Space" at my first shamanic seminar at the Shaman Academy (IACFS), I had a deep feeling of having arrived at home. It wasn't so much about the place, but more about the shamanic energy, which feels like home for me - no matter where I find it. I was trying to touch each moment as deeply as possible because there was no place I would rather be than in this moment. In order to find this feeling of home today, I just have to feel into the spaces of my heart. Shamanism is a part of me. With the shamanic energy flowing through me, I create sacred spaces in which one can come home to the Self.

I'm a Transmitter and Transmuter of Energy.

I was only a bit older than 10 when a book fell into my hands that taught how to see auras. With that book I never learned to see auras but one of the first exercises was to feel energy between the hands. It worked immediately! I was so excited and simultaneously surprised: when this works - why does nobody talk about it? How can I improve it and what can I do with it? I started a life-long quest.  Through the years I found that most effective for increasing my ability of feeling energy in an almost electro-magnetic way was releasing all sorts of energy blocks. A period of "dissolving energetic blocks and patterns like it was high-performance sports" followed until I found this place of endless peace and love within my heart. I learned to drop into that place more and more. From this non-judgemental place, Chi / source energy can flow through me freely. My whole energy structure is built for transmitting and transmuting energy. 

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Schamanin Victoria Plank im Waldviertel

My Roots

I was born in 1992 in Linz, the capital of Upper Austria and grew up as third of four children in a beautiful Upper Austrian region called Mühlviertel. My favorite occupations as a child were climbing trees, adventures with friends, inventing new things, reading and dreaming.

P.S.: Actually I still love doing the same ;-D

My Teachers

Mystery School of Life

My greatest teacher was and is the "Mystery School of Life". Life reflects me every day in a perfect way.

The mirror of my reality shows me exactly where I am and where I need to go. 


Nature in its many facets has been my teacher: I have received teachings, healing and comfort from my friends the tree people and the mighty mountains. Animals are such amazing teachers! I have been living together with a couple of horses, a couple of dogs, and many, many cats for some years and I tell you ... I found no one who can reflect my energy in a clearer way than those precious beings. 

The Angels in my Life

My deep connection to my physical and non-physical soul family made it possible for me to arrive at this place where I am today. Love is what connects worlds across dimensions.

Shaman Academy

The IACFS enabled me to study Shamanism in Austria. During my long-term education I had the chance to meet a number of different Shamans as teachers. From my perspective, Shamanism is the most fascinating and comprehensive discipline on Earth that we currently know about. 


BQH allowed me to connect ancient Shaman knowledge about the subconsciousness, the more subtle realms and trance journeys with the most modern knowledge, apply it in the most quantum of ways and connect online and energetically to people all over the world.


My BA studies of Global Sales and Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and my BBA studies of Business Management at LAUREA UAS Leppävaara in Finland created a great understanding of our current economic system. I was highly critical of these established systems, which ultimately led me to give up my master's degree and focus on those things that I stand behind with my whole being. I look back on my studies with a lot of appreciation. What I loved most was learning about intercultural management and exchanging ideas with students all over the world. While I learned so much about intercultural differences I actually found even more surprising how similar people all around the world are. The language of the heart connects us all.

Professional Experiences

I give my full gratitude to every single job I've had in my professional life in marketing and sales for they brought me to this place where I am today. Even then, I looked at each and every one of these jobs with the vision of learning everything I needed for being a spiritual entrepreneur. 


Other Heart Projects


Project: MetamorphMe - including the lecture series "How Do I Program My Body", as well as the workshop "A Magical Journey from Science to Spirituality" and finally the "Intuitive Training". 

Perspectives for World Peace

Facebook group Perspectives for World Peace: Created in 2018; this group of more than 2,000 members celebrates those who hold the the vision of a world in which people live in harmony with each other.


As an Earthkeeper, I regularly do ceremonies and rituals for Mother Earth

- whenever I feel the call.

The best gift you can give to yourself and the world is the most authentic version of your Self.

~ Victoria Plank

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