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A journey
to the landscapes
of your soul

Are you looking for answers to your most important life questions?

BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing
Consciousness exploration for spiritual growth and self-healing

This creative and flexible heart- and energy-focused method is loosely based on a “past life regression” structure. During a BQH session, the client is guided through his / her own inner landscapes to find answers to life questions.

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The BQH “Beyond Quantum Healing” method was created by Candace Craw-Goldman, a student and friend of Dolores Cannon, who developed the “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®”, also known as QHHT®.


BQH is a highly-effective trance technique that focuses upon energy, intuition, intention and heart - rather than mechanics, procedures and strict rules. It is the only method in use today, of which I am aware, that encourages practitioners to include other modalities if it contributes to the well-being of the client.

Your BQH Session 

Your BQH session takes 3-5 hours. BQH is a consciousness exploration mini-workshop only for you. We start with a preparation conversation where I get to know you and find out about your questions and intentions for the session. This prep conversation is then followed by some exercises, a meditation, and finally the trance journey. After the journey to the inner worlds and other lives, realms and realities, we briefly discuss the most important points. The trance journey will be recorded so that you can re-listen to your divine guidance and receive further understanding and downloads. It is particularly important for you to really take time afterwards to reflect on and integrate the received results, wisdoms, insights, and guidance. I am happy to support you with the interpretation and integration in a Reflection Session.

Schmetterlinge in die Freiheit
Heart-centered spirituality

Experience your session through Zoom or Skype. BQH can be done in the most quantum of ways: using your computer or even smart phone or tablet. It has always been possible to connect across large distances, and more and more I find that clients are simply more comfortable in their own homes.

Price: € 444

Online Session

Herz-zentrierte Spiritualität

Experience BQH in the classic way in this multi-hour experience. Visit me in Klagenfurt / Carinthia.

Price: € 444

In-person Session

Gemeinsam Spiritualität leben

Reflection Session

One week after your BQH session, you can book a reflection session, if needed.

Price: € 44


Spiritual applications on the energy body do not replace the diagnosis and treatment by the doctor.

They activate and balance the energy flow, or Chi, and are recommended as additional measures

for a holistic approach.

Every client is unique... and so is every BQH session.

Fine-tuned to the individual needs of the client,

BQH sessions are complemented and accompanied by shamanic elements.


Shamanism and BQH enrich each other in many ways. My clients benefit greatly from the combination of these complementary methods. They appreciate the beautiful gentle and powerful energetic space created by the help of shamanic methods. Importantly, clients experience a protected and safe space where they can open up for excursions into their own inner worlds and other realities.

I have been on the spiritual yourney for 33 years now. Victoria is one of the most capable beautiful extremely aware beings i have ever had the priviledge to meet. (...) I have learned so much from her and doing this session with her was a very easy decision. I am extremely picky in who i allow to help deal with my mind, but with her it was an automatic choise. She is very professional and also being trained as a shaman makes her so much more capable to do this very important work. (read full quote on


Glen, South Africa

YOU are the most amazing and magnificent masterpiece.

There is nothing more glorious than the symphony of your soul.

~ Victoria Plank

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“BQH is powerful, heart-based,

and above all flexible.
Practitioners and their clients are individuals,
this method recognizes and celebrates

each unique perspective.”
~ Candace Craw-Goldman, Creator of BQH

Here are 10 amazing videos that

support you in Getting Ready
for your BQH session

Sunrise over Mountains

Explore your consciousness,

meet your Higher Self

or Spirit Guides,

find the root cause

of your challenges

and receive new solutions

I'm interested in having a BQH-Session

with Victoria Plank

Thank you very much!

Everything in the universe is within you.

Ask all from yourself.

~ Rumi

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